The Norton Team's Mission Statement

Retirement Solutions for Real Life.

Retirement is one of the most critical milestones in a lifetime. And while it’s an event that most of us look forward to, it can also be one of the most worrisome, especially when it comes to money. With increasing life expectancy and advances in health care, it’s possible that the retirement phase of life can be as long as your working career so you need a specialized retirement income plan to make sure you don't run out of money in retirement.

At the Norton team, we tackle the fundamental challenges of planning for a worry-free retirement. Whether our clients are nearly retired, newly retired, or fully retired, we follow a consistent approach that includes straightforward cash-flow, estate and tax-planning strategies, as well as personal service and regular updates along the way.

Our clients know and appreciate that we’ll go the extra mile to answer the tough questions in plain language. No matter what twists and turns life might have in store, our goal is to deliver a good night’s sleep – peace of mind that allows our clients to focus on enjoying their retirement lifestyle without financial worry. In short, we deliver retirement solutions… for real life.